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Terms and Condition

  • Artworks , CD labels design in PDF, JPG ,CDR ,INDD Format
  • Master cds and dvds recorded by cdr and dvdr , or in Vedio Tape ,DVCAM ETC.
  • Mailing Master CDS with artworks, CDs labels design to us. or FTP Master CDS
  • We recommand filezilla to upload files,more than 4GB files please split to 10files by winrar
  • If Anticopy Required ,list in authorization certificate
  • Copyright Declearation, Authorization Certificate
  • Sample Aprroval & Confirmation
  • Setup charges apply on initial orders only , Shipping are extra
  • Shipments are F.O.B , Prices are per unit unless otherwise indicated
  • Shipping may delay 2-3 working days
  • A 50% deposit is required ,balance aganist the copy of bill of landing

How to make a correct ISO format files

Nero Version above Select the image drive as the destination recorder, create your compilation, select "File"->"Write CD...", press the "Write" button, and in the resulting "Save Image File" dialog box, pick "ISO Image Files (.iso)" in the "Save as type:" drop-down box. Then press "Save" then you will create a ISO imagine files.


How to split a ISO file to many small files?

if you want to split a 700MB iso files to 10 or 15 parts ,You can use winrar to split it .

1> add files to winrar zip or rar .

2> it will show a windows for details.

Compression way : Standard

The compressed file divides the volume size: you can in put 100mb , then the 700mb iso files will be split to 7 files . It will be easy for you to upload the file to our ftp server .

The above are for 700mb iso files. If you have a iso files more than 4GB ,

You need save the files in a NTFS format system hardware . Like E:/ ( In NTFS system )

How to upload the split files to our server ?


1> we will create a FTP account for your company

2> Download filezilla free ftp software

3> Type your account name , password, ftp server name , and connect to our server.

choose the files you save in hardware folders.


Download Copyright Declearation Authorization Certificate